SCADA Sensor Gateway


Our SCADA Sensor Gateway (SSG) provides utilities with a simple to use, multi-sensor gateway for their DNP3 networks. It supports multiple sensor bus architectures including, TWI, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, Analog, Digital and UART. The SSG allows the use of multiple architectures in a single gateway over a single DNP3 connection. Each SSG connects to the DNP3 network using a serial or serial to fiber convertor.

DNP3 Certified: Level 1 DNP3 Self Certified

    Data from multiple sensors over a single DNP3 Message
    Can monitor nearly any type of attribute or sensor type
    Reduces the need for more SCADA nodes and cabling costs
    Lowers your SCADA costs per sensor
    Patent Pending

Hardware Specifications:

  Input Voltage Range: 12-125 VDC

  Operating Temperature: -20 C to +80 C

  Sensor Types Supported: The SCADA Sensor Gateway supports sensors that transmit data via: I2C bus, TWI, SPI, PWM, UART, Analog, and others!

  Optional I2C Bus Extender: extends the range of the I2C bus to more than 20 meters!

Sensor Options:
  Voltage / Current Measurements
  Door Alarms
  Pressure Sensors
  Analog / Digital Inputs
  Liquid or Gas Leak Detection
  Dial Tap Indicator

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