Meter Socket Checkout


With copper thefts, extension cords to the neighbors house, and stoves left on, it can be very dangerous for utility personnel to set a meter at a residence. The Meter Socket Checkout is used to test the wiring of a residence so that any issues can be identified before setting the meter.

The Meter Socket Checkout has a simple interface and performs a comprehensive safety check of a meter socket.

The Meter Socket Checkout provides both safe work practices and equipment protection with minimal cost to implement.

Tests include:

    Load 1 to Load 2 Short
    Safe Short Circuit Detection
    Load 1 to Neutral Short
    True Power Load Detection
    Load 2 to Neutral Short
    Line 1 Voltage
    Open Neutral
    Line 2 Voltage
    Backfeed Voltage Detection
    Line to Line Voltage

Hardware Specifications:

  Line Voltage Range: 90-264 VAC

  Max Rated Line Power: 26.4 kW

  Max Current (per circuit): 100 Amps

  External Grounding Clamp

  Fits Type 2-S single split phase sockets

Optional Accessories:
  "True Power" detection
  Device control via mobile application
  Capable of uploading test data to your database for establishing trends and improving safety standards

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